ML’s Story

Who does I’m Dying To Tell You Something help?

ML was going about her life, dealing with the normal stuff we all have to deal with…

One day, she started feeling like she had a touch of the flu. This was confirmed by her doctor. A month later, she was still sick and treated for ear and sinus infections, then the next month, tonsillitis. The next month, with severe pain on the right side of her head, her doctor recommended a dentist. While waiting to get an appointment, her jaw began to tighten up and it got hard to eat. The dentist finally found something was really wrong and sent her back to a doctor. She was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. She is still undergoing treatment.

We were contacted by her sister whom she had not seen in 12 years. Cancer has a way of making the small things more important and now, with her laptop, she is communicating with her family and friends.

Her story is far from over and her future not certain, but none of us have a promised timeline. And she is fighting her hardest everyday.