SM’s Story

Who does I’m Dying To Tell You Something help?

SM’s story is heartbreaking.

She was 21 years old and 34 weeks pregnant, and she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After the emergency C-section and the baby’s placement in NICU, she had a fever and couldn’t spend time with her new-born. There were two children, a husband and lots of people missing her.

SM was depressed, scared and losing her faith.

Her sister contacted us to help with a laptop. Because this was going to be a long process, a laptop would enable SM to stay connected during the hospital stays for treatment.

Over Christmas, with a computer at home and the donated laptop, SM was able to watch her kids open their Christmas presents and stay in touch with her family and friends. Her husband took over all the duties at home with a new baby while she fought for life at the hospital. She has posted pictures and shared this whole experience with many of us.

Currently, SM is still fighting along with all three of her children and her amazing husband. She is one strong and beautiful young woman.