Martin’s Story

Martin Manka - Founder, I'm Dying To Tell You Something

My name is Martin Manka.  

I was born October 13, 1983 in Kirkland, Washington.  While experiencing teenage life in Irving, TX, I heard the words “You have cancer.”  At 19 years old, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and after a successful surgery and treatment, I beat it… Or so I thought.  It turns out the chemotherapy I was given had the rare side effect of causing Leukemia.

So, April 2007 I started the grueling process again and, in the beginning, the doctors were optimistic about my treatment.  However, over time the standard treatments did not work and my chances of survival decreased.  During this time, I spent many days in the hospital, alone.  The chemo often caused me to have an irregular sleep schedule but I was a night owl anyway.  Without a computer and the ability to play games, write stories and share my experiences with others I could not have kept my positive outlook.  When the doctors told me I had less than year to live, I was dying to share my journey with others through the good and the bad.

Without the resources that my family had, how were other cancer patients going to have this opportunity?  With the help of friends and family, we developed this idea and the foundation.  My hope is that by donating laptops to those who would otherwise not be able to have them, we can put an end to the loneliness that cancer patients experience.

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